Who are we?

  The company photrack AG was founded as an ETH spin-off in January 2012 by Dr. Beat Lüthi. Beat Lüthi was associated with IfU , the Institute of environmental engineering at ETH Zürich. The hydromechanics group of IfU, now led by board member Prof. Markus Holzner, is specialized in turbulent flows and 3D particle tracking velocimetry.

  Over the last two years photrack has developed a fully automatic webcam based river discharge measurement system in collaboration with the hydrological section of the Federal Office for the Environment. In collaboration with FOEN, ETH, Hydrosolution and SDC the system has become mobile and can now be operated also with smartphones.

The team

Beat Luethi


Dr., mechanical engineer (CEO).

 He studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich and graduated at ETH in 2002 in the field of fluid turbulence. Until 2012, Beat Lüthi was leading the hyromechanics group at IfU ETH, specialized in the fields of image based particle tracking velocimetry and turbulence small scale dynamics. In 2012 Beat Lüthi founded the ETH spin off company photrack Ltd with growing business in Europe, USA, Africa and Central Asia and China.

p:+41 44 240 19 13
m:+41 76 564 68 82

Thomas Philippe


MSc. in physics & geophysics.

 He studied physics at EPF Lausanne and has a degree in the field of non-linear and chaotic systems. He graduated for a second master in geophysics at ETH Zürich in the field of 3d-fold interaction and linkage. Flow dynamics in hydraulics and geophysics is one of his main interest. Beekeeping, exploring caves&mountains and wild-plants collecting for the rest of the time.

p:+41 44 240 19 13

Salvador Peña-Haro


Dr., hydraulic and environmental engineer.

 He holds a PhD from the Technical University of Valencia on Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering. He worked at the ETH Zürich in the Institute of Environmental Engineering as a Post-doctoral researcher. He has worked for more than 15 years on different topics related to water management and measurement, in Mexico and in different countries in Europe.

p:+41 44 240 19 13

Board members

Beat Lüthi, Dr., mechanical engineer (president)

Florian Bauder, Dr., medical doctor

Markus Holzner, Prof., environmental engineer

Barbara Tänzler Lüthi, editor at Transhelvetica